I want to show anybody that anything is possible. I started from nothing and so far have reached every single goal I set for myself. I remember when I wished to be who I am today. Life is supposed to be a journey.. This is mine. Music is a form of medicine, it can alter our feelings and our state of mind. I want my songs to be the ones you play when you need to get over a breakup or when you simply want to let loose and dance.

They always say the baby of the family becomes the most adventurous. Pop singer/songwriter, Michelle Sangalli, proves that statement true with every new adventure she takes in her musical journey. Born and raised in Cornwall, NY, Michelle knew her dreams were bigger than her fear.

At the age of 7 she found her love of music in her Grandmother’s attic in Yonkers. “My grandma was downstairs making me a meatball sandwich (cause that’s the Italian way) and as I waited, I listened to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and The Beatles on her phonograph. I remember thinking, ‘I want to do this’.” Growing up in a very musical family also helped build her passion and feed her musical desire.

Not too soon later Michelle started entering talent shows, going to NYC auditions, and writing songs. She has landed several acting and modeling gigs along with performing her own original music live. Michelle now has over 800 song lyrics and is known for her unique "sleep-writing" which is how several of her songs were created.  

With 3 albums released, “First Impressions” EP, “Dark Moon”, and “Sapphire” you can really hear the versatile sound she has to offer. “No genre is off limits.” With her captivating looks, outgoing personality, and 20K followers on Instagram, there’s no doubting that she offers an original exciting sound that the music world has been craving.

With her hard work and resilience the lyrics from her song ‘Dark Moon’, which states, “Don’t assume I can’t bloom under a dark moon” really proves that she is a fighter and is coming for what she’s earned.


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